Project Funding

Funding Process

We finance projects across a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to, startups, stabilized real estate, construction, commercial rehab projects, agriculture and hydroponics, mines, oil & gas, alternative energy, non-real estate such as web technology and IT, pharmaceutical developments, major business acquisitions and operational expansion, especially Dental, Medical, and all Surgery Practices. Projects must be solid with viable exit strategy and Principals must be proven and experienced Highlights.
Unlike traditional banks and other specialty finance companies that simply conduct a credit review and asset appraisal, 5th Avenue conducts a thorough and intensive due-diligence process that is similar to that found in the private equity industry. This process allows 5th Avenue to identify and execute project funding opportunities that are often too challenging for traditional financial institutions or outside their typical investment parameters.


144a Bond Fund

5th Avenue Capital's 144A Bond Funding is a low-cost, fast, non-recourse path to finance many types of real estate and non-real estate projects.
The benefits of a 144A Bond Offering:
  •  100% LTV
  •  No personal guarantee (non-recourse)
  •  No credit checks
  •  No personal asset verification
  •  No loss of equity in your business
  •  Quick turn around time – often under 90 days (although our experience has been longer than that)
  •  Low underwriting fee (you do NOT pay 5th Avenue any fees and it is 100% refundable if either party backs out for any reason)
  •  Flexible repayment terms


To read more about our 99% financing program, please click here.
If you are ready to apply for funding, and believe that your project meets the requirements of our funding process, please fill out the form below.


Apply for Funding

If you are a broker with projects whereby you are having challenges establishing financing and would like our help, please contact us for details on our private money co-broker and referral programs. Understand that we will then / also deal directly with with the Principal / Developer, but we will honor your interest & commission in the project. We do not tolerate greed and will not work with a chain of brokers.  If you initiate a project with us and it is approved, you will get paid accordingly… if there are other brokers involved in the transaction, you will be responsible for their fees.